The Value of Trust and Guanxi

Guanxi is prevalent throughout Chinese culture, in dealings between families and friends, and instrumentally in the formation of profitable business partnerships.

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Li Peng

Co-owner of an award-winning chocolate business

How was your morning?

It started off very cold and quiet but now it’s gotten super busy.

Jasper + Myrtle is based in Canberra, ACT, Australia.

Kesha Tran

Auckland, New Zealand

I love gym, I love to work-out, I love reading. I have a 200% love for my family.

Igor Miura

Sao Paulo, Brazil

If one day you get a chance to go to a Brazilian person’s house, you don’t need to bring a present or anything, but we love sharing food. So usually people bring dishes.


Senior Passenger Attendant on board a train in Australia

What makes you happy?

Being on the road so much, I miss my family. Sometimes I go for 2 weeks without seeing them. Even if it’s just for a barbecue or a drink, I treasure the times I have with mum and dad.

Steve Kim

Seoul, South Korea

I’m currently working as a mobile app designer in a company called Hyundai Motors.

Gale Khemjira

Bangkok, Thailand

I decided to go to an all girls private Catholic school. I chose by myself. It’s cool they have language summer camps every year. I joined as many as i could. 


Owner of Cannoli Brothers

Watch his full intro on TikTok

Being Greek in heritage, everybody said I should do baklava; but y’know everybody makes baklava. So I came up with cannoli.

Cannoli Brothers is based in Canberra, ACT, Australia.

Zubayer Sayeed

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Recently I started digital painting and cooking because mostly during COVID we are staying at home.

Victoria Ng

Sydney, Australia

Singing, dancing, laughing, breathing. These are all key elements of activities that we should do not just when we’re feeling at rock bottom, but every single day.