Crisp and fresh Japanese hand roll sushi at KazuNori in Santa Monica

120 Broadway Suite 104, Santa Monica, CA 90401
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Fresh sushi hand served to you on a counter

You may have heard of SUGARFISH, a Japanese restaurant brand in Los Angeles and New York. Operated by Sushi Nozawa Group, their high dedication to quality seafood is the same in this sibling chain. KazuNori specialises in crisp, bite-cherishing hand rolls and has a branch in downtown Santa Monica.

Fillings include crab, scallop, lobster, and more

It’s nice to watch the chef make each hand roll

The entrance is subtle, look out for the long black handle. When you enter, you are welcomed to a seat at the counter, from where you can browse a simple menu. If you’re feeling hungry, the 28 USD 6-roll set will leave you satisfied because each hand roll will take you around 3-4 bites. This set also allows you to taste mouthwatering seafood including toro, lobster, crab and salmon.

We love the serving process. The KazuNori sushi chef will make your sushi hand roll with dancing hands, then place it on a brown paper in front of you while announcing the name of the main ingredient. You then pick the roll up and after dipping it in the house-made soy sauce, bite into the cruncy seaweed.

KazuNori prides itself on quality fish and fine taste

3 to 4 bites can be accomodated per hand roll

The most memorable aspect is the combination of warm fluffy rice, crispy seaweed, and fresh-tasting seafood. It’s super satisfying. The staff are attentive, and will feel your cup intermittently with water, and also provide your pickled ginger peels. Throughout your meal, you feel like you’re in a refined space focussed on creating memorable Japanese cuisine.

Minimalist table setting focuses your senses on the seafood

The entrance of the Santa Monica location is subtle

Smoked salmon sashimi 

Each hand roll uses crisp nori (seaweed)

Dip your hand roll into soy sauce mixed with wasabi and close your eyes in pleasure

Dark, wooden interiors mark an elegant vibe