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Delicious restaurants in Sapporo

Press the buttons on the machine to customise your ramen, and give the printed tickets to the kitchen.

Being a solo traveller most of the time, I often eat alone. Travelling in Japan, I realise that many restaurants are designed for solo dining. Walk into a Matsuya or Yoshinoya, and there will be individualised seats with their own condiments, cutlery and touchscreen ordering panel.

Perhaps it is due to Japan’s working culture (which is known for long hours) that necessitates people to eat outside more, rather than cook. It’s useful to know that cash is still widely used in Japan. Many restaurants will only accept cash. Often, these are the ones that have a ticket vending machine to take your order.

This is a list of restaurants that are great for solo dates. If you have any questions, feel free to message me directly on Instagram.

Sumire Sapporo Susukino

Japan, 〒060-0063 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 3 Jonishi, 3 Chome−9-2 ピクシスビル 2F
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Sumire enjoys an almost legendary status in Hokkaido for its richly flavourful miso ramen. There are several restaurants. This one is in Susukino, at the top of a flight of outdoor stairs which are usually lined with people.

Champon Ikkaku Honten

23 Chome-1-21 Minami 8 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0808, Japan
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Champon is a type of noodle soup originating from Nagasaki. It’s hearty and known for the creamy white soup made from chicken and pork. Champon Ikkaku Honten is just outside downtown Sapporo, in a quiet residential surrounding.

Gokuniboshihonpo Tanukikoji 4 Chometen

4 Chome-20 Minami 3 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0063, Japan
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The bonito fish flavoured broth here is a stand-out. This restaurant is inside the famous Tanuki Koji shopping arcade. Don’t forget that you can customise your bowl at the ordering machine. My ramen had extra noodles, bamboo shoots and seaweed.

Matsuriya Yamahana

Japan, 〒064-0913 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 13 Jonishi, 10 Chome−2−25 ストークマンション山鼻公園
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Despite how busy this sushi train restaurant is, the quality of service stays consistent. Staff are dressed in professional uniform, enthusiastically reacting to customer orders and rhythmically moving their hands to craft sushi. The touchscreen menu has a live ticker display of the top sushi orders, contributing to a seafood lover’s glee at the variety of choices.

Crab Miso Ramen - CRAB GANG

Japan, 〒064-0806 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 6 Jonishi, 4 Chome−1−10 1階
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Situated towards the edge of Susukino, this ramen restaurant focuses on crab. The bowl came with a scoop of crab miso (made from boiling the non-meaty innards) as well as crab meat. 

Nagoyaka-Tei (Aeon Mall Hassamu)

Japan, 〒063-0828 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Nishi Ward, Hassamu 8 Jo, 12 Chome−1−1 イオンモール札幌発寒 1F
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A large sushi train restaurant with many choices, including a crab that comes in original form! The staff are attentive and genuinely welcoming. The ordering system and delivery of the sushi is efficient. There is a literal miniature train that carries your plate stopping in front of you.

Seafood Tavern Sakanaya no Daidokoro Sapporo Nijoichiba

Japan, 〒060-0053 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 3 Johigashi, 1 Chome, のれん横丁
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In this restaurant’s area, Nijo Market is the main attraction being the biggest seafood market in Sapporo. There were many restaurants selling rice bowls topped invitingly with an assortment of seafood, like crab, sea urchin, sashimi and salmon roe.

I ended up choosing this restaurant because it had a big storefront without being too ostentatious. The uni and ikura bowl cost around 65 AUD. Video here.

ファーマーズチキン 札幌山鼻店 (Farmer's Chicken)

Japan, 〒064-0913 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 13 Jonishi, 14 Chome−3−26 スイスビル 1F
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It’s a two minute walk from the nearest street car stop. This eatery is around 20 minutes’ from the city centre by public transport. In a western-style interior, enjoy rotisserie chicken that is tender and thoroughly flavourful. 


Japan, 〒060-0001 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Kita 1 Jonishi, 2 Chome, 札幌時計台ビル B1F
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Inside the Sapporo Tokeidai Building around 10 minutes’ walk from Sapporo Station, this homely eatery specialises in Italian cuisine. Risotteria GAKU is on the lower floor, below street level. The service is caring. When I finished my meal and walked out, the staff went all the way to the door and bowed deeply.

There are a variety of risotto dishes to choose from (I had one that was blended with oysters!), as well as dulce dessert options.


3 Chome Minami 4 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0804, Japan
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This is the first restaurant in an arcade of ramen restaurants that is just off one of the busiest parts of Susukino. I enjoyed their Hotate Salt ramen very much. There was a big underlying piece of chashu pork, with sizeable pieces of scallop on top. There is a warm family vibe. Remember it’s cash only!