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Friendly team members at Poool Espresso&Work.

One of the brightest joys of my first week in Sapporo was discovering Poool -Espresso&Work-. For simpler reading, I will refer to the venue as Poool. As you can see, right from the name the cafe vibrates with creativity.  

See a beautiful view of Odori Park and Sapporo TV Tower on the way.

Sapporo’s famous Clock Tower is a few minutes’ walk away.

Poool is part of a company called The World Lounge Co and Co. Located above the cafe, they are a home base for language-learners, international travellers and global citizens. If you’re a Japanese student and trying to find opportunities to attend school abroad, The World Lounge Co & Co can assist. If you’re interested in understanding different cultures, events are run regularly. Trying to improve your Japanese vocabulary? You can learn in classrooms as well as during street excursions.

Poool shares the same building with its parent company, CO&CO.

Coffee is made with care and precision.

The concept of community without borders and the spirit of creativity lives throughout the spaces owned by The World Lounge Co & Co. The company’s mission, which it enacts in its Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagoya offices too, is to provide a “door to the world on your street corner”. Quite aptly, the Sapporo office stands on a street corner in Odori’s business district.

Find a seat at the spacious counter where you can have a chat.

The cafe has a trendy, minimalist design.

From the language-learning and cultural exchange programs happening upstairs, one can seamlessly join the tranquil atmosphere of Poool Espresso&Work on ground level. The cafe is elegantly and minimalistically designed. Wooden finishings complement calming colour tones in a setting that inspires creativity yet encourages thoughtful human interactions.

Two lovely baristas have made cups that are welcome in Sapporo’s winter!

The kitchen is in the middle and the sweets are baked here.

For a digital nomad, bookworm or student, Poool is one of Sapporo’s best places to work in. Seating is plentifully available. If you’re working from the counter, the staff are friendly to chat with. At the couch-adjacent tables you can type industriously away for your upcoming blog article. The long communal table is where you might sit next to someone from a foreign country and experience a feeling of sonder.  

This chocolate brownie with roasted nuts and ice-cream is the perfect treat.

The staff always welcome customers with sincerity.

With any quality remote-working space, the need for convenient power outlets and reliable wi-fi is paramount. Poool has this covered, with the password arriving with your order of a drink. These are artfully made by baristas who care about the details. Ordering a latte? You might want your camera to savour the drink first.

Night time comes with dimmed lights and romantic candles.

To support the venue, let’s remember to order a drink every few hours.

An aspect of working inside Poool that may divide opinion is the music. It’s atmospheric, sometimes lyrical, and mostly rhythmic. I find that it doesn’t distract from my work, and even contributes to its momentum. Others may prefer a softer volume. 

A mouthwatering slab of carrot cake, perfect whilst reading a book.

You’ll find uni students, working professionals, academics, travellers and locals.

Poool is a hidden gem in Sapporo’s downtown area. Odori Park is around 10 minutes’ walk away. In the mornings, it’s a peaceful sight with the majesty of Sapporo TV Tower standing proudly in the background. It has become a routine of mine to enjoy the stroll from my street car stop at Nishiyonchome to Poool. Alas, the yuki mushi snowbugs during winter time are annoying!

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My name is Garry Ho, I’m the founder.
If you have enjoyed our content and found it helpful, please consider supporting us.
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