A language meet-up is regularly held at HafH THE LIFE Fukuoka.

Whenever I stay in a new city, I am on the lookout for cafes that are suitable for spending hours in. I love being able to explore the world online while being surrounded by a relaxed yet conversational ambience. It’s nice to be able to minimise my window, go offline, and float into a conversation with a stranger.

Ryota is the organiser of a fun social meet-up in Fukuoka.

The lobby level lounge at HafH THE LIFE has a hip, chilled out setting.

HafH THE LIFE was a serendipitous discovery. I am particularly drawn to gathering grounds of international people, where conversations can free-flow from topics of cultural backgrounds to discussions of lived experiences. 

Specialty drip coffee and alcoholic beverages are served.

People practising languages and making new friends at Saturday’s meet-up.

The lobby of this hostel is stylishly designed and on initial observation, reminiscent of a co-working space. Indeed, there is a co-working space as part of the building (its name is simply “The Company“). Coffee, tasty food and alcoholic beverages are served from behind an elegant bar table. Natural light pleasantly casts into the cafe. 

The concept is for people from different walks of life to feel like they’re at home.

For digital nomads and remote workers, this cafe is great to spend hours in.

Whilst working from a comfortable table in HafH THE LIFE, various accents came and went along with the clattering of suitcases. People checking into the hostel, people checking out of the hostel. Travellers who have stories to share, and people who have made their memories in Fukuoka.

The hostel is close to Nakasu and its entertainment options.

The lobby level of the hostel is pleasant to hang-out in.

Regularly on Saturdays, a social and language meet-up is held in the lobby. Guests of the hostel and members of the public are welcomed in. Each person has a name tag and can enjoy the company of people from around the world. 

If you’re looking for a social event in Fukuoka, it’s a fun event to join.

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Practise English and Japanese in this meet-up in Fukuoka.

HafH THE LIFE is next to Kushida Shrine subway station.