Five phrases to know when travelling in Argentina

Did you know that by surface area, Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world? It’s the second largest in South America. With such a vast coverage, there is a rich geographical and cultural landscape.

We’re lucky to have Vanina C share five phrases to help us communicate better with locals in Argentina. Handy tip, the national language is Spanish 😉

1. "¿Podrías tomarme una foto, por favor?"

Means “Can you take a photo for me?”.

2. "¿Cuánto cuesta…?"

You can also say “¿Cuanto vale…?” which means “How much does it cost?”.

3. "¿Disculpe/n… ¿dónde están los baños?"

Means “Excuse me, where is the toilet?”.

4. "¿Cómo puedo ir hacia la estación de subte?"

“How can I go to the subway station?”.

5. "Un placer conocerte"

Means “It’s nice to meet you”.

It takes just a minute 🙏

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