Hidden WiFi lounge at Blossom Market Hall and flavourful boba at Bopomofo Cafe

Blossom Market Hall
264 S Mission Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776
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Bopomofo Cafe
841 W Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776
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Make a productive day out of being in the city of San Gabriel in Los Angeles county. There are two local gems within walking distance of one another: Blossom Market Hall and Bopomofo Cafe.

Blossom Market Hall is located in the historic Mission District, and is relatively new (having been established in 2021). It’s a two-floor community space with food vendors, a performance stage, a WiFi lounge, and an art gallery.

View from the WiFi lounge

AK Fresh Roast serves Asian inspired hot and cold drinks, made with quality ingredients

With meal options including dishes from Caribbean, Korean, Japanese, Mexican and seafood cuisine, the ground floor features no shortage of multicultural options for lunch and dinner. The 13 vendors are operated by local chefs and mom & pop teams. 

There is ample seating in a spacious environment, creating a comfortable vibe for community and conversation. Blossom Market Hall also holds events, which you can stay updated with via their website. If you enjoy Vietnamese drinks like egg coffee or pandan coffee, AK Fresh Roast is well worth a visit.

13 diverse food vendors

Grab a bite to eat in the market hall when you have a break

The WiFi lounge is sun-lit and peaceful

Grab a coffee from downstairs and off you go into productivity

Upstairs is where you can get some serious work done, or complete that niggling college essay. In a sun-lit space with wooden finishings and neat furniture, you’ll find students and working professionals typing away on their laptops. WiFi is provided for free, and there is a restroom in the corner. If you’re in need of some mental space, the art gallery is next door.

Art gallery space on the second floor of Blossom Market Hall

After your work, you deserve a treat and Bopomofo Cafe is where you can find a variety of bubble teas and comfort food. It’s around a 10-minute walk away. This simple eatery was co-founded by Philip Wang of the legendary YouTube channel Wong Fu Productions

Bopomofo Cafe serves tea, coffee and an elevated experience

The menu pays homage to Taiwanese cuisine

You can order classics drinks like Brown Sugar Pudding Milk Tea and Strawberry Corn Milk, or there are a variety of Matcha options. There are teas and premium espresso too. To cure your hunger pangs, the food menu features shareables like Popcorn Chicken & Mapo Tots, as well as larger dishes like Heritage Lu Rou Rice and Taiwanese Fried Chicken.

Minimalist style decor

Tiger art on the wall